Don’t Replace Your Commercial Roof In North Jersey… Repair & Renew It!

60–80% Less Than
Replacement Costs

10–25 Years Of Ironclad
Warranty Protection

0 Disruptions To Your
Daily Routine

Is Your Property’s Roof Old, Worn-Out, Or Giving You Problems?

Well… There’s An 82% Chance You DON’T Need To Replace It

Did you know 4 out of 5 North Jersey businesses, properties, and commercial buildings replace their roofs 10-25 years TOO SOON?

It’s true! Roof repairs and coating restorations aren't big money-makers for most roofers. So instead of fixing the issues with your current roof, they push you into completely replacing it... even if you don’t need to.

1Call Restore is different. We look for every conceivable way to repair your current roof… and recommend replacement only after we’ve exhausted all other options.

And here’s the truth: Our roof Repair & Renew service is the right solution for 82% of our clients. We can extend your current roof’s life up to 25 years and make it look brand-new again… at less than HALF the cost of roof replacement. NO disruptions to your operations. NO leaky and ugly tarps on your roof. NO damage to cars, windows, or property.

So, if you’ve been told you need a new roof, call us for a free, no-nonsense second opinion:

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Our Roof Coating Systems




Roof Restoration Coating Systems are gaining popularity and for very good reasons!

Here is the side by side comparison:

  • 10-50 year warranty
  • $3-6 per square foot
  • Minimal risk of damage to property or pedestrians
  • No permits required
  • May re-coat roofs up to 4 times without tearoff
  • Very light- only 4-6 oz per sq ft
  • Quicker process and less personnel required
  • No debris added to landfills
  • UV reflective, which lowers cooling costs
  • No chance of sustaining weather damage
  • Can be expensed immediately or depreciated
  • Best choice if roof has many penetrations
  • All seams are reinforced & become seamless
  • Silicone designed to hold ponding water
  • 10-50 year warranty
  • $7-20 per square foot
  • Moderate risk of damage to property, tenants and pedestrians
  • Often requires building permits
  • Only 2 layers allowed by law
  • Much heavier- 16-48 oz per sq ft
  • 3-4 times longer than coating installations
  • 3-8 tons of debris from average/moderate job
  • Most systems not UV reflective
  • Property vulnerable to weather until completion
  • Can only be depreciated
  • Problematic when roof has many penetrations
  • 1000’s of feet of seams need maintenance
  • Very problematic with ponding water

The 4 Steps To Repair & Renew Your Property’s Roof


We clear away the debris from your roof with a thorough pressure washing, followed by a deep clean with a non-corrosive detergent.


We find and correct any and all underlying problems (tears, leaks, pooling water, missing flashing, etc.) with your roof.


We reinforce every inch of existing roof seams, perimeter flashings, roof drains, penetrations, and curbs. All with our highly-durable TRIPLE-PLY process – one reinforcement membrane sandwiched between two layers of silicone flashing.


We apply manufacturer-specified applications of special primers, base coats, and finish coats. This protects your roof from the harsh elements and UV rays.

Why 1Call Restore

Over Three Decades Of Experience And More Than 25 Million Sq. Ft. Of Roofing Restored.

Our Core Values Define Everything We Do

Our core values have always shaped our approach to how we conduct business, whether it’s our solid accountability, even in challenging situations, or our deep sense of compassion, propelling us to give back to our New Jersey community and beyond…

When you work with 1Call Restore, you can rest assured your project is guided by values that keep our mission of excellence at the forefront of all we do. That’s not just a platitude; it is what drives us as a company with a purpose.

An Extensive Range Of QUALITY-Driven Products

At 1Call Restore, we believe in the power of choice.

Our range of products is a testament to this, with solutions designed to fit every need, roof type, and material. From nimble repair methodologies for quick fixes to decades-strong roof coatings for long-term protection, we cover your roofing and exterior renewal needs from A to Z.

With partners like GE, Karnak, Apoc, Tri-Built, and Mule-Hide, we embody our commitment to you through the power of CHOICE.

Cutting Corners…? Never Done It. Never Will.

Our workmanship stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection. Each project reflects our vast experience, boasting over 25 million square feet of roofing installed or repaired since 1990.

We only bring on truly dedicated craftsmen to our team, each member carrying an average of 14 years of roofing and exterior industry expertise.

Our team is relentlessly thorough and precise, devoting 3x the industry standard for preparatory work before the final roofing or waterproofing materials are installed.

Our workmanship is not merely a service… it’s a promise upheld by warranties of up to forty years or more.

No Pricing Games. And Always On Time.

There's no sales pressure here – 1Call Restore owner Chuck Anania will personally inspect your commercial property to determine a comprehensive, fair quote. Beyond the quote, our door is always open, ready to respond to emergencies 24/7. We prioritize punctuality and budget accuracy with a 96% success rate.

We believe in courtesy without compromise, so we only hire nice people. (We know that might sound a little cliche, but it’s true!)

Hero Image

Roof4Roof From New Jersey To The World At Large

Our operations transcend business. We invest a portion of our profits to bettering lives worldwide – focusing on at-risk children and others who are vulnerable.

As a for-profit venture, we extend to our clients the unique opportunity no other North Jersey roofers, if any, offer. To secure top-quality service AND contribute to a noble cause at no extra expense.

Each project we undertake embodies our commitment to make a difference – one child and one roof at a time.

Our Roofing & Exterior Services

Roofing isn’t our only expertise – we offer a comprehensive range of roofing AND exterior renewal services by building type:

Commercial & Industrial Roofing

We excel at and can take on BIG properties like factories, manufacturing plants, and other large-scale commercial facilities.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Roof Repair & Maintenance

If your roof doesn’t fit into any other category, we can still repair or replace it. We also offer year-round roofing maintenance packages to keep your roof in top shape and working as intended.

Flat Roof Coatings

The shining star of our restoration services – get your flat, metal, shingle, slate, or tile roof up and running FAST with a top-quality coating system.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

In the rare event a roof repair won’t cut it, we offer honestly-priced commercial roof replacements without the fear of substantial price upcharges.

Church & Synagogue Roofing

Church & Synagogue Roofing

We specialize in historical or architecturally unique places of worship that require detailed craftsmanship.

Institutional Roofing

Whether a school, government building, or any other municipal structure, we specialize in meeting institutional properties' strict building code demands – on time and on budget.

Brick & Stucco Restoration

We can turn back time on any historical building in the aging North Jersey area with expert restoration services (it is in our name, after all).

Mold & Water Remediation

More than restoring century-old brick and stucco to look new again, we also fix water issues that have made their way inside buildings, too.

Painting & Restoration Services

No restoration would be complete without the finishing touch of a professional paint job to make your aging property look brand-spankin’ new.

Gutters & Skylights

Without a well-functioning gutter and skylight system, no commercial roof would be complete. That’s why we repair, maintain, and replace with precision and accuracy – ensuring no water goes where it’s not supposed to go.

Retail & Hospitality Roofing

Our unique approach to small commercial buildings makes us a perfect choice for small business owners in the hospitality space.

We have a unique approach to meeting the specific demands of small to mid-sized commercial roofing projects, making us the perfect choice for retail and hospitality property owners.

Echoes Of Excellence: Our Customer Reviews

Get a glimpse into our commitment to quality from past clients we've had the pleasure of serving.

Brian D.

Extremely efficient and provides quality service

I have used Chuck and his company on multiple occasions, he’s extremely efficient and provides quality service. Highly recommended!

Richard E.

Outstanding service did exactly what they said!

Outstanding service did exactly what they said! Was a complicated job!

Max S.

Great value and very professional. On budget and on time

We've been using 1 call for many years. Great value and very professional. On budget and on time, what a great company!

A Z.

Great Contractor to work with from beginning to end

Great Contractor to work with from beginning to end. Highly recommended!

Jeffrey H.

Great experience addressing repair and replacement

Great experience addressing repair and replacement of a leaking gutter. Would use the company again.


This company was phenomenal from the start

This company was phenomenal from the start. The estimator was very professional and informative, answering all of my questions and concerns. I received my quote the day after he came out to take measurements on my flat roof. The crew was very prompt and knowledgeable. They worked so quickly and...

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